Sweet Shop
Little Humbug is 11" high, and is made with soft,dense, Schulte mohair in a lovely warm reddish brown, with the same colour stripes on his cream tummy!  His paws are hand sculpted with a matching colour in cashmere velvet,
he has warm brown hand painted sparkly glass eyes, and a dark brown embroidered nose.
He has his own special humbugs,(made by myself with Fimo!) threaded to some leather to make him a special necktie.

Humbug has sold! 
Oreo is 10" high, and is made with very soft dense faux fur that is so dark it only shows its brown colouring in a good light. 

His paws are hand sculpted in cashmere velvet, his eyes are hand painted glass and he has a black embroidered nose.

He wears his very own Oreo biscuit pendant, made from clay.

Oreo has sold